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How to download StatusView for SmartWatch APK at

This application is the status view for SmartWatch.
Note: This application will not be shown on your phone application screen.

You can be ON/OFF by tapping the icon of the WiFi/mobile data.

LiveWare™ extension for SmartWatch

How to install Steampunk LED Flashlight Free APK at

Download now for free the new Steampunk LED Flashlight, the only LED flashlight with an steampunk, gothic look, with powerful brightest light for your Android!

Turn on easy the flash next to the back camera of your mobile device, to perform all kinds of activities, such as:

- Read a book at night or when it is dark
- Light the way when camping or walking, when traveling outdoors
- Make yourself visible on the road at night or when there is little visibility
- Light your room during a power outage
- Ask for help, be more easily located when you get lost

The only flashlight with perfectly optimized graphics for 4K screen!

Totally in English and updated this 2017!

Unlike many other applications, the flashlight does not turn off when the device is locked, minimize the application also allows to use any other application while the LED lights.

Use the flash of your camera phone to emit bright light. Some devices do not incorporate a camera flash. In this case, you can use the screen light.

In addition, it is one of few flashlights adapted to allow optimal performance in the new Android 6.0!

How to install Stick with Android APK at

Everything about Android is designed to be easy. That includes sticking with it. With just one step, you can keep your content automatically and securely on your Android device with the Stick with Android app. No need to save your stuff elsewhere before sticking with Android. The Stick with Android app securely keeps you away from switching to another (worse) platform.

How to install Simple tag memo/Sticky APK at

Simple Sticky (sticky notes) application widget. I would appreciate using a notebook / memo simple.

How to Register
Press and hold / widget list on the main screen to open the " additional menu of widgets " tag size "Sticky Fusenmemo (1x1) / Sticky Fusenmemo (1x2) / Sticky Fusenmemo (1x3) / Sticky Fusenmemo (2x2) "input screen appears when you select.
When you save the registered contents, sticky note icon is displayed on the home screen.

New 2015-12-11 Ver.1.68
If in the message there is a nine-digit or more consecutive numbers, and now it to the way you can send it is determined that the phone number.
It seems the person in charge himself wanted to use function(:-)

How to download SIM Toolkit Plus - Philippines APK at

SIM Toolkit Plus is an upgrade of your default SIM Toolkit

Exclusive only in the Philippines!

Available Philippine SIM Networks ONLY
★ Globe
★ Smart
★ Sun
★ Talk 'N Text (TNT)
★ Touch Mobile (TM)
★ ABS-CBN Mobile

• Easy load sharing NEW!
• Easy balance inquiry
• Easy promo subscription
• Promo Bookmark
• Promo Subscription History
• Update Promo List (pull down to refresh)

How to install STL File Viewer (free) APK at

SOURCE CODE FOR SALE: The entire Java source code for this app is available for sale. Please contact [email protected] to discuss.


* Built in file browser

* View Binary and ASCII STL files, with smooth pan, rotate and zoom (drag and pinch) and reset to home position

* Works in portrait or landscape mode

* Show the facets, vertices, XYZ axes and a bounding box or any combination

* Select model colour

* Reset model to start size, rotation and position

* Save a screenshot of your model to a PNG file

* View model stats (file name, type, size, number of facets, volume, loading time in milliseconds)

* User settings automatically saved

* Remembers last folder viewed and returns there on startup

* Invert normals.

The Pro version is now free! Go Pro for everything in this version PLUS load and view point clouds and convert ASCII files to binary.

How to download Stopwatch Lite APK at

This is a tool used to measure the amount of time something takes. For example, to learn how soon a car can reach 60 miles per hour, or how much time it takes a runner to run 40 yards.

Press a button to start the time and press it again to stop the time. The time is displayed on the screen of it. The time continues running in background!!

Use the volume buttons: UP to Star/Stop time. Use the DOWN button to Lap/Reset time.

How to download StormWeather Widget Lite APK at

Quick preview of the most up-to-date weather forecast for 300k+ worldwide locations. Regularly updated weather forecast of the air temperature, wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, clouds and precipitation. Pre-defined user profiles allows you to easily change set of weather parameters you wish to display (for start you can choose among: standard, marine, airborne profile).
StormWeather Widget features also next-generation storm, lightings, temperature, precipitation and wind alerts. You can define your own threshold level for each parameter. We will monitor forecasts for you and inform you immediately when your preset conditions are met.
If you are interested in more sophisticated weather parameters StormWeather Widget PRO should be your choice. The PRO version offers additional parameters e.g. 500 hPa Temperature, Wind gusts, CAPE, CIN, Frozen rain probability, UV radiation and many, many more.

StormWeather Widget – professional forecasts and weather alters at your hand.

StormWeather Widget includes:
* Weather widget (4x1 and 4x2)
* Weather forecast for 300k+ location around the world
* Choosing location from location name database, map or coordinates
* Weather tabs with daily/hourly and weekly/daily weather forecasts
* Three pre-defined user profiles: standard, marine, aviation
* Advanced weather alerts (you pick the parameter and threshold level, we monitor it!)
* Available weather parameters: air temperature, wind speed and direction, pressure, clouds cover, precipitation

StormWeather Widget PRO includes following additional features:
* Weather graphs
* Global lightings radar/map
* Customizable user profiles
* Forecast for more than 300 weather parameters e.g.: CAPE, CIN, 500 hPa Temperature, Convective rain, Wind gusts.

How to download StrawBerry Theme Applock APK at

StrawBerry Theme Applock is one of the stunning Android application which will assist to hide or lock installed applications in our mobile system by the use of Password or Pattern.
That's why,it can be define as StrawBerry Theme Applocker
What is more, it provides plenty of features that help to specify, this application is really outstanding which are Perfect Designe Graphic Ui (Theme StrawBerry)

✓ Enjoy applocker features free
1) lock incoming call , prevent others picking up private phone call
2) replace app lock icon with weather, calculator or alarm clock for more security protection .
3) personal settings:
* change passwords in the settings into password or pattern
* brief exit time setting: set lock frequency on your own choice
* random passwords to protect from peeping eyes
* hide pattern draw path to secure your pattern passcode
* lock new apps when new apps installed , easy privacy
* up to 10 digits pin
4) lock system UI using lock recent apps feature .
5) catch intruder selfie : take pictures of intruders when wrong password entered
6) set personal profile lock : customize your profile page lock different apps
7) app fake cover to confuse snoopers, a lot of fun with applocker
8) use pattern / digits password to protect your apps, up to 10 digits as password
9) Lock SMS, game, gmail, contact, note, lock facebook, etc.
10) lock installed apps and system apps with password lock

It is really fabulous application with awesome designing to protect user's personal data.

How to install Striata Reader APK at

The Striata reader is a utility used to decrypt and view electronic documents that have been secured using Striata’s proprietary encryption technology (identifiable by the .emc file extension).